Every nomination counts as a vote!

The number of votes tells the judges how much the community believes you should win. BUT the final picks are not strictly based on the number of votes but based on a wide variety of criteria. The Award Winners are selected by sponsors, industry experts & members of the Budtender Awards team.


We have 2 different sets of Awards: “OG” Awards & “Your Choice” Awards.

Budtender Awards Hosts

"OG" Awards

In 2019, the Budtender Awards team created 9 Award categories which are referred to as the “OG” Awards. 

Winners will be announced at the Award Show.

"Your Choice" Awards

The “Your Choice” Awards are awards that the community creates! Nominate any Budtender for the award YOU think they deserve! Get creative and make your own awards titles! VOTING IS OPEN ALL YEAR! If you created an award that wasn’t previously listed on the awards page, it may take up to 72hrs to appear on the site/your account. In the meantime, keep nominating as all those votes will still be counted!


We awarded a few of these awards during the 2019 Expo including “Where Do You Rove” sponsored by Rove, The Bloom Award sponsored by Bloom, and The Princess Of Cannabis sponsored by SkinnyWeed.  At the end of 2019, we awarded the Heart of Gold Award sponsored by Guild Extracts on our Instagram.


We will continue to award them throughout the year and some at the Expo. Until the Expo, we will be announcing winners on our socials as well as at smaller events. These prizes vary based on award.

princess award 2019- skinnyweed- adrianna burden-

Our Hosts


Rachel “Wolfie” Wolfson is a comedian & writer and the creator of Wolfie Memes, a social media account ft. her original jokes & creative meme content. She is the creator & host of the popular podcast “Chronic Relief“, where Wolfson invites comedians & other guests to have honest conversations about working in comedy, cannabis use, and mental health. Wolfson is a guest contributing writer for Playboy, High Times and Vice Magazine.


Wolfie Budtender Awards Host
Modest Budtender Awards Host

Modest Jones

Modest Jones is an African-American writer, model/actress, entrepreneur, and mentor. She is a regular on BET and was recently seen as casted audience onstage at the 2019 BET Awards, a member of the Mosh Pit at the 34th Annual Stellar Awards, and also at the 2018 Soul Train Awards. Miss Jones’s first time on BET was in 2006 when she was cast on Rap City, alongside Nas. She is currently a host of Culture & Cannabis, Las Vegas with Stoner Rob. Modest can be seen at First Friday in Downtown Las Vegas, working the HempWay booth. Modest Jones has created a solid position in Las Vegas’ cannabis industry as a writer for Vegas Cannabis, and countless brand partnerships in this new & booming industry.