Yolanda Henderson

Dr. Yolanda Henderson

Atlanta Academy of cannabis Science And the gift of life community home, Panelist

Dr. Yolanda Henderson is a true leader in the medical cannabis community with students and medical Cannabis patients around the US. She own the first and only cannabis trade school In Georgia (atlanta Academy of Cannabis Science) with students as far as Mississippi to Maryland. She help students understand medical cannabis, lab testing of quality cannabis and how to become a certified dispensary tech aka bud tender aka cannapharmacologist. She is a proud mom, wife, doctor of Naturopathy, Medical cannabis health Coach,Dispensary tech, veteran, and Multiple Sclerosis survivor. TV personality of the Holistic Cannabis show streaming on all social media, fire stick and Roku.

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11:00 am - 11:40 am
Stage 2

Cannabis is Medicine, I've Seen the Proof