Best Selling Author of Prison to Penthouse and Breaking UP Not Down. Owner of LegalQs, StrongPositions, 7FigureDating, and more, Jeremy Sigal specializes in building the strongest possible position for others to thrive through their most challenging situations. Jeremy specializes in rising from the bottom to the top of any situation, wherewith only a high school diploma, he built and managed multiple 8 figure legal/medical groups. With his early success, Jeremy’s extravagant 20’s began drawing unwanted attention from the police and prosecutors' office, where at age 29, Jeremy was falsely imprisoned for an extensive driving record for an 18year prison term. Although Jeremy had zero tattoos, no gang affiliation, only petty crimes, and was Jewish in a Nazi-controlled prison, he rose to the absolute top of power in prison and even earned an early release from the state supreme court based on actual innocence. Although he spent almost 7 years in prison, Jeremy is the first to tell you that this adversity was the single greatest investment of his life, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. ig: LegalQs

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Making your Mark in Cannabis & the Pathway to Success