Shelbie Vasquez

Shelbie Vasquez

Yummi Karma & High Gorgeous, Panelist

Yummi Karma’s Coachella Valley-based Senior Client Success Manager, used to work at boutique Palm Springs hotels. Now, she brings her unparalleled hospitality skills to the cannabis industry. In 2012, Shelbie knew she wanted to be involved in cannabis. Over ten years later, she has been involved in every step of the process from growing plants to making a product, selling it, and delivering it to retailers. She first learned of Yummi Karma when she purchased and sold it through a High Desert delivery service. As Shelbie says: “the female plant produces the buds we love, and I love working for an all-female company that produces the products that I love!” Her favorite parts of her job are visiting dispensaries, meeting new people, and having the opportunity to educate them about the benefits of cannabis. Shelbie feels most accomplished when people tell her how much a product helped them and that it has now become a part of their lives and wellness because of her recommendation. Personally, cannabis has helped ease her anxiety and allowed her to take more time for reflection and appreciation. Outside of work, Shelbie loves spa days and being around water. A childhood winner of the DARE award, Shelbie is proud to share cannabis products with members of her family and to see the changes made in mindsets and laws. She will continue to contribute to the work that should be done for this amazing plant.

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2:45 pm - 3:35 pm
Stage 2

Women in Weed and the Words that Empower Them