speaker william sullivan

William Sullivan

Panelist, C4Cinc

William Sullivan founder of C4CInc has a long history in the technology space working in Silicon Valley for the last 25 years with over 1.5 Billion in exits. Building networks and delivery services for companies like Apple, Microsoft, Limelight and China Cache and many others. Today William has placed all of his energy into building the first Pay for Performance digital coupon platform for Marijuana and CBD. C4CInc is a pure pull digital coupon platform that delivers what the consumer wants when and where they want based on their needs. Our Digital offer platform allows manufacturers, distributors, Retail establishments to create, modify, terminate campaigns sub 5 minutes across the network truly allowing them to maximize the value of their marketing dollars across stores, cities, states.

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1:00 pm - 1:45 pm
Seminar Room

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