G4 Live FAQ's


What is G4 Live?

Budtender Awards created G4 Live with the vision to be the most ambitious & essential cannabis event. Life is short. Be present, be industrious, be you. This show is designed for people that want to take their business to the next level.


G4 Live and Budtender Awards collectively are creating a safe space to educate and support our community. During these new times, we are focusing on the health and safety of our event and all attendees.

Let us be your safe space, together we’ll celebrate and create new memories.

What is the Budtender Awards?

The Budtender Award show takes place Saturday, October 2nd, 2021 as the final event of G4 Live. The After Party will start immediately after the Award Show ends.

When is G4 Live?

G4 Live will take place May 21st-23rd, 2021 at Mandalay Bay and September 29th- October 2nd, 2021. Budtender Awards show where the “OG” Awards will be awarded, will be the final event on Saturday night, Oct. 2nd, 2021. 

Where is the G4 Live?

    • Expo & Education: Mandalay Bay Convention Center 
    • Outdoor Party: TBD
    • Award Show & After Party: Light Nightclub (located in Mandalay Bay)
    • VIP Parties: *Invite only* off Mandalay Bay property

Can anyone come?

Everyone is welcome! You don’t have to be a Budtender or in the industry as long as you have a ticket and are over 21. Anyone over the age of 21 can come to the Expo, Concert, Awards & After Party. 


What is G4’s plan for the times - considering Covid and social distancing?

  • We will be following and updating our procedures per​​ CDC Guidelines, ​Nevada, and​ Mandalay Bay’s Seven Point Safety plan​.
  • Masks will be mandatory throughout our event, and the floors will be marked with 6tf social distancing markers. The G4 Live floor plan was created to minimize path crossing and allow open airflow.
  • Sanitizer will be provided and available throughout events. ​(Sponsorships available if interested)
  • There will be hand washing stations throughout the hotel and our event.
  • Plexiglass options are available for your booth through our exhibitor services provider, Las Vegas Expo.

Do we expect a large attendance?

Over the course of the multiple days, we expect a large turnout, but crowds will be managed to adhere to regulations.

Will this be taking place indoors or outdoors?

Both! The expo will be indoors on the 2nd floor of Mandalay Bay Convention Center. We will also be hosting outdoor COVID-friendly off-site parties.

How will we ensure the safety of attendees and exhibitors?

Not only will Mandalay Bay be providing pristine routine cleanings by the​ ​GBAC (Global Biorisk Advisory Council)​, but there will also be many hand washing and sanitizer stations throughout the convention center and hotel. Masks will be mandatory upon check-in to all of our exhibitors and attendees.

We will also encourage social distancing in all common areas of the space through signage and floor decals.

Do you have a backup plan if canceled?

If the May Event needs to be canceled, your booth space and contract will roll over into our September 2021 event.

Hotel & Getting There

Where can I book my hotel for G4 Live?

G4 Live & Budtender Awards have an exclusive room block with Mandalay Bay with lower rates than other hotels. You can book through our discounted room block by clicking here.

What are transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

The $12 Parking fee will be waived as a way to welcome back guests to Las Vegas! There are also numerous ride-share options available in the city.


What happens at the Expo?

    • The Expo brings world-class brands from all across the nation in multiple fields for you to interact with one-on-one. Like other trade shows, brands will have booths for you to interact with, but unlike other trade shows, our floor layout allows for more experiences & connections for you to enjoy. 
  • Brand Activations
  • Buy & sell hemp-based CBD products, merch & other products
  • Brand Certification
  • Clover Leaf University Budtender Certification
  • Clover Leaf University Career Bootcamp
  • Awarding of some of the “YOUR CHOICE” Awards
  • Pop-Up Giveaways
  • Speakers & Keynote Panels
  • Free Breakfast
  • Free Lunch
  • Free Food & Coffee All Day
  • Daily Happy Hours

What type of vendors will be exhibiting?

The G4 Expo will feature brands, services, and companies all within the cannabis & CBD space as well some that are within the similar lifestyle.

Will there be cannabis at the Expo?

No THC will be allowed on Mandalay Bay. Hemp-based CBD will be allowed on the property as well as to sell, buy, and sample.

What is Brand Certification?

Brands will be able to have a class for an hour where they teach registered Budtenders about their products/brand/ethos etc. so that they know more to help their customers/patients. At the end of the class, Budtenders will take a short quiz and earn their brand certification if they pass. Budtenders will walk away with a certificate they can show their dispensary/resume making them YOUR brand certified aka an expert.

What is Clover Leaf University Budtender Certification?

Course Description: Build a foundation for a career in the cannabis industry. Learn primary compliance systems, procedures, business styles, and processes for budtending in small or large scale operations. Participants of the budtender Certification will be trained to be lawful, safe, and knowledgeable sales representatives. Students will begin with a base understanding of laws, compliance, and consumer safety. Training will include a thorough overview of proper dosing, safe consumption, packaging, and developing your resume. The course will follow with (2) budtender modules: understanding cannabis products and their effects, followed by product sales, and making the right recommendation for customers.

Upon completion of your course, you will receive a Clover Leaf University Bud-Tender Certification. Your certification is proof of your in-depth knowledge and skills as a bud-tender by the first higher education university approved in the nation. This four-hour course comes with your CLU Budtender Workbook and certification requires passing an exam. Learn more at Cloverleafuniversity.com (Normally priced at $399)

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

You must be 21 to enter the event.

What can I not bring into the event?

You must follow Mandalay Bay rules & regulations. THC is not allowed on-premises. All bags and backpacks will be searched at the door. Weapons of any sort are not allowed on the premises. Unless you are an exhibitor at the show, product samples outside of personal consumption are not allowed either.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No. If you do not have the physical ticket with you, simply bring up your ticket confirmation on your mobile phone and be ready to scan the code at one of our registration stations to immediately print your ticket.

Can I update my registration information?

If you need to update your registration information, please email contact@g4live.com

Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn't match the person who attends?

ID is required to register and the name on your pre-purchased ticket must match the name on the ID.

Budtender Awards

How do the “OG” Awards work?

”OG” Awards are the original 9 awards that team BTA created. They are awarded at the Award show at Light Nightclub.

The more votes you accumulate will help you get noticed by the judges. The number of votes tells the judges how much the community believes you should win. BUT the final picks are not strictly based on the number of votes but based on a wide variety of criteria. The Award Winners are selected by industry experts & members of the Budtender Awards team. The winners will be announced on October 2nd, 2021.

How do the “Your Choice” Awards work?

The “Your Choice” Awards are awards that the community creates! Nominate any Budtender for the award YOU think they deserve! Get creative and make your own awards titles! VOTING IS OPEN ALL YEAR!

We awarded a few of these awards during the 2019 Expo and will continue to award them throughout the year and some at the G4 Live Expo. Until the G4 Live Expo, we will be announcing winners on our socials as well as at smaller events. These prizes vary based on award. 

If you created an award that wasn’t previously listed on the awards page, it may take up to 72hrs to appear on the site/your account. In the meantime, keep nominating as all those votes will still be counted.

To win an award, do I have to be a Budtender?

YES! Our voting awards are only for Budtenders. We do award an annual “Lifetime Achievement” Award to someone who has made significant influence within the cannabis industry.

How do I find out if I’ve been nominated?

If you think you’ve been nominated, please fill out this form and our team will confirm your nomination.

Once confirmed, you’ll receive a log-in email. Log in and you’ll be able to see what you are nominated for. Check your spam folder or login here.

How do I get nominated for Budtender Of The Year?

Budtender of the Year is not a category that can be voted on. If we award a yearly Budtender of 202X Award, it will be at the discretion of our judges.