Dani Baranowski Speaker

Dani Baranowski

Dani Baranowski is a passionate cannabis advocate and multipotentialite focused on changing the stigma surrounding cannabis. She is currently Lead Sales and Operations Specialist at State Flower Cannabis and Valhalla Confections, a vertically integrated cannabis company and multi-state operator. She has had the opportunity to educate consumers all over the world in her roles in the cannabis industry from Canada, to Columbia, to Croatia. Speaking and sharing her cannabis knowledge across several platforms has allowed her to perpetuate her passion for changing the world with holistic healing. Dani has been a ‚High Times Cannabis Cup Judge,panelist for ‚Women in Weed,‚and a moderator for ‚Patient Advocacy‚ and ‚Vape Safety‚ at an international convention. Prior to legalization, Dani was charged with felony cannabis possession and was afforded a lucky plea deal that changed her life, allowing her to thrive and cultivate success in this industry. She advocates for allowing the same opportunity to others who have been unjustly penalized for cannabis.