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Doreen Sullivan

Featured in Forbes, Newsweek, and High Times, Doreen Sullivan is the award-winning visionary and CEO behind My Bud Vase®. As a brand strategist, ultrapreneur, and master product developer, Sullivan has created one of the most respected luxury cannabis brands in the world today.

Driven by her desire to elevate and normalize the consumption experience, she works with her team to create a dynamic cannabis lifestyle and product line. Her devotion and crafts-womanship in designing and producing luxury vase-bongs have made her a media darling and trailblazer in the cannabis industry. Sullivan’s passion for healing through the spirit of cannabis and the power of femininity speaks to how she runs her business from the heart.

Sullivan entered the cannabis space with over three decades of experience as the Founder and CEO of Post No Bills, an award-winning creative agency whose client list includes recognizable brands such as Disney, Dreamworks, ESPN and the US Olympic Committee. Sullivan is also a thought leader, keynote speaker and consultant who specializes in transforming creativity into commercial success. She is a passionate advocate for authenticity, empowering others, and the remarkable impact of the creative process.

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