Gerardo Gonzales Speaker

Gerardo Gonzales

I was nominated for for budtender of the year two years ago. At the time I was a budtender at a local dispensary here in Las Vegas, and was working as Senior Sales Rep. for culture&cannabis. At that time I offered the Budtender Awards to be part of our event. After confirming with the Budtender Awards that they would be at our show, was one of the biggest moves that I brought to the event. Very proud moment right there. Currently I work at Exhale dispensary and make edibles delta-8 gummies inside the Pharma Extract kitchen. I have attended and spoken at city council meetings here in the city of Las Vegas. Last year I was a guest speaker at the Las Vegas Cannabis Awards and nominated for Brand Ambassador. Also in which Fluer cultivation one awards for flower. Cannabis has been a part of my life since a teenager when I saw how the plant helped people sick with HIV, also how it helps my parents with thier aliments. I put my sights on wanting to be more involved with the laws to treat patients, industry workers and customers more fair. My MOTAvation, is the plant and the people it helps, being a part of the growing and now faster than ever growing industry, has been a life goal since I inhaled the sweet cannabis 22 years ago.