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Mang-Yee Woods

Hello my name is Mang-Yee Reverie (Pronounced like Jumanji, without the Ju). I’m a radio personality here in Denver, Colorado on KS 107.5 and host of new podcast, The Mile High Sessions entirely about Cannabis Culture Worldwide! Panamanian Born, Brooklyn Bred, and Internationally known, Mang-Yee is a military brat who has had the pleasure of watching our culture grow from many different countries and with the viewpoints of many different cultures. As a kid, like most, she was especially intrigued with Radio, the music, the artists, the DJ’s especially, and the culture, making her own mixtapes, and imaging what being on air might feel like. Mang-Yee moved plenty over her life span, gaining a new respect for every region’s spin on Hip Hop. From New York, To Atlanta, To Texas, to Colorado, Central America and most of Europe, she was amazed at the amount of Love and Respect Hip Hop received across the globe, which naturally made her proud, and Radio was now a must so she could contribute her part! Although only on air for almost 4 years, She has worked in the music industry assisting with Promotions and Marketing, Events, and Touring with some of our cultures top names for over 10 years. Her beginnings in radio originated with the Armed Forces Network (AFN) The Military’s broadcasting entity overseas in Kaiserslatuern, Germany where she trained and worked as an intern for two years. There, with AFN, she participated as a live on air personality, shadowing and assisting the military DJ‚ covering Entertainment as her specialty. She was sold, and knew her passion was definitely in Radio. Working in an overseas environment allowed her to assist in Moral Welfare & Recreation (MWR) sponsored events for the troops, ranging from free concerts to promotions and giveaways. Being an American Expat she had the pleasure of working and connecting with promotors in numerous European Countries and both local and American artists. She has toured with the likes of Redman and Method Man, Wu-Tang, De La Soul, EPMD, Busta Rhymes, DMX, Noreaga & Capone, Onyx, MOP, and many many more. The culture has always been her life, and no better way to experience it then overseas and up close and personal! When the pandemic hit she was furloughed from radio and The Mile High Sessions was born! A podcast dedicated to education, entertainment, and showcasing Cannabis and the unique individuals that make up our industry! Took a strange year to create a platform to exclusively showcase something she’s always been very passionate about! Mother of three, and lover of music, Mang-Yee was determined to show her children, You’re never too old to pursue something you love. She relocated back to the United States, accepted an On Air position with Blazin 98.5 FM in Colorado Springs, and remained with the station for 10 months rocking Classic Hip Hop & RnB on her midday show, “The Ladies Lounge”. You always have to strive to be better, so she decided to pursue a certification in Radio Broadcasting and seek employment in a market, more fitting to her City Girl Vibe, Beautiful Denver. Fast forward to graduation in May of 2018 and a whole lot of Love and Support from Denver, Mang-Yee Reverie was brought on to KS 107.5 to rock your weekends and bring a little East Coast Spice to the Mile High City! Love and special salute to her 3 Children, her family and closest friends, for allowing her to follow a dream, believing in her, and watching it come true, without them and God, none of this would have been possible!