Marysia Morawska Speaker

Marysia Morawska

Consulting and educating the masses by reminding us the basics of true health with plant/human symbiosis… NATURE. In my third year teaching cannabis at the University of Nevada – horticultural practices for proper growing of edible medicinals and permaculture is where my heart flourishes. Introduced as a Private Chef to doctors in Seattle at the turn of the millennium, I have been health food and diet consulting for 15 years, cooking in the fine dining scene for 20, and studying horticulture since 2008. Pursuing meaningful ventures, I have made it my job creating jobs and giving back to the community and others. Serving in a variety of non-profit advisory roles, I have built organizations focused on health, creative marketing for the unique, exterior and entertainment design, the passions within, and am used to traveling relentlessly. Currently, I work out of offices in Las Vegas, California, Colorado, Chicago, Key West, Oregon and both eastern Washington and the greater Seattle area. Highly creative and motivated, my business experience and affluent networks are always seeking opportunities to start creative, new ventures, networks, and events. Experienced with a unique combination of hospitality and professional event expertise, passion for non-profits and helping others, business leadership, and extensive design skills with a keen artistic eye, I provide the support and networks to help any new idea flourish. My experience studying with the California State Bar and luck finding myself on the ground floor with the Nevada Department of Taxation cannabis development have left me fluent both in first amendment and cannabis policy reform. I’m a fan of getting things done. The current Farm Bill has a lot of work on the horizon for those of us who believe in plants/agriculture/horticulture – I’m here to keep it clean and green.