Shalina Pannu Speaker

Shalina Pannu

Hi I’m Shalina aka Shal! I am a cannabis attorney in California and I also run my own lifestyle brand called ‚ “Shal We Toke?”, a passion project I started while in law school. Through ‚ “Shal We Toke?”,  I’ve attended numerous cannabis events in multiple legalized states and have had the pleasure of connecting with industry trailblazers along the way. As a cannabis attorney, I focus mainly on the business side of the cannabis space. My goal is to help bring a person or company’s vision to light through the legalized market. Legal services I provide include, but are not limited to: business formation, contracts, agreements, licensing, compliance, trademarks, trade secret protections, advertising review, and events. To get a better insight on me and how I’ve been involved in the cannabis community, check out my podcast ‚ “We Toke?”, which is streaming on all major platforms (iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, etc.).